Operation Pegasus Program Overview

Operation Pegasus helps those who have survived trauma understand posttraumatic stress and learn how to self-administer the symptom management skills of the Trauma Resiliency Model (TRM).

Because traumatic experiences impact our biology in so many ways, TRM views the healing of trauma as primarily a biological, bodily process. Rather than focus on what a you are thinking (cognitive processes), TRM focuses more attention on what is going on inside the body – what processes are happening in the nerves, muscles, organs, hormones, and brain chemistry, for example. After learning about how the biology of trauma works, you may have new insights into yourself, realizing, for example, that overwhelming stress (like panic or rage) is actually a mix of internal sensations within your organ and muscle systems.

So this is our first objective – to provide a trauma education that covers the most important areas increasing self-understanding and self-knowledge.

The second objective is skill building. We train you to develop an arsenal of symptom-management skills to use whenever symptoms come up, so that you will be able to quell disruptive internal sensations of rage, irritability, overwhelm, panic and anxiety.

After completing the program, you will be able talk about what happened without it ruining your day, and you can start having many more pleasant experiences that are not contaminated by the trauma.

Family members are invited to participate. Contact us for more information about this cutting-edge treatment option.

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